Zauscher Lab | Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Duke University

Gregory Hardy – Biomaterials Engineer

Email:  SONY DSC

LinkedIn Profile 


  • Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science – Duke University, Durham, NC (2009-present) 
  • B.S., Biomedical Engineering – University of Rochester, Rochester, NY (2003-2007)


  • Intern, Blood Compatibility – ST. JUDE MEDICAL, St. Paul, Minnesota (June – Sept. 2012)
  • Research Technician, Cardiovascular Rheumatology –  MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL, Boston, Massachusetts (2007 -2009)
  • Intern, Cell Biology and Cancer – ALBANY MEDICAL CENTER, Albany, NY (May – Aug. 2005)


  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – Karlsruhe, Germany (Nov. – Jan. 2012)
  • Flinders University – Adelaide, Australia (June – Sept. 2011) 


  • National Institute of Health (NIH) Exploratory Research Grant, R21, Co-Author with adviser  ($260,000, 2012)
  • Burroughs Wellcome Fund Collaborative Research Travel Grant ($7,500,  2012)
  • Structural Biology and Biophysics Graduate Fellowship (Sept. 2011 – Sept. 2012)
  • Graduate Fellow – National Science Foundation’s East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Fellowship ($10,000, June – Sept. 2011)
  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences Biotechnology Predoctoral Training Grant (Sept. 2009 – Aug. 2011)


  • Visiting Research Scholarship: Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (Karlsruhe, Germany) (2013)
  • Best poster presentation – Kewaunee Senior Graduate Award (2013)
  • Best poster presentation – Duke Center for AIDS Research (2012)
  • Kewaunee Student Achievement Award – Center for Biomolecular & Tissue Engineering (2011-2012)
  • American Vacuum Society: Dorothy M. and Earl S. Hoffman Travel Grant ($300, Oct. 2011)
  • Honorable Mention – National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship (2009 & 2010)


  1. Hardy GJ, Nayak R, Zauscher S. Model cell membranes: Techniques to form complex biomimetic supported lipid bilayers via vesicle fusion. Curr Opin Colloid Interface Sci. In press (2013).
  1. Hardy GJ, Nayak R, Alam S, Shapter JG, Heinrich F, Zauscher S. Biomimetic supported lipid bilayers with high cholesterol content formed by α-helical peptide-induced vesicle fusion. J Mater Chem. 22 (37), 19506−13 (2012).
  1. Hardy GJ, Lam Y, Stewart S, Anasti K,  Alam S, Zauscher S. Screening the interactions between HIV-1 neutralizing antibodies and model lipid surfaces. J Immunol Methods. 376 (1-2), 13-19 (2012).
  1. Kristo F, Hardy GJ, Anderson T, Sinha S, Ahluwalia N, Lin A, Passeri J, Scherrer-Crosbie M, Gerszten R. Pharmacological inhibition of BLT1 diminishes early abdominal aneurysm formation. Atherosclerosis. 210 (1), 107-13 (2010).
  1. Barth M, Ahluwalia N, Anderson T, Hardy GJ, Sinha S, Alvarez-Cardona J, Pruitt I, Rhee E, Colvin R, Gerszten R. Kynurenic acid triggers firm arrest of leukocytes to vascular endothelium under flow conditions. J Biol Chem. 284 (29), 19189-19195 (2009).
  1. King V, Lin A, Kristo F, Anderson T, Ahluwalia N, Hardy GJ, Owens A, Howatt D, Shen D, Tager A, Luster A, Daugherty A, Gerszten R. Interferon-gamma and the interferon-inducible chemokine, CXCL10, protect against aneurysm formation and rupture. Circulation. 119 (3), 426-435 (2009).

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